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Alberto Romano
Benevento, Campania

Alberto Romano is a great farmer whose passion is making delicious olive oil. His family’s olive mill in the mountains of Campania dates back over 150 years and was once powered by running water and mules. Today, Alberto has developed the farm and mill into a state of the art facility where he produces very small amounts of extremely high quality olive oil. Located outside the city of Benevento at the base of Mount Taburno where the Ortice olive variety thrives, production each year is a mere 4700 liters. He owns 6 hectares of olive groves with 1400 trees. The Ortice variety was held in the highest regard during the Roman times and produced the finest olive oils in the Mediterranean. It is highly aromatic and full of fresh vegetable aromas and flavors of artichoke, radish, and tomato leaf. See more

Alberto Romano olive oils are stunning and are not to be missed, they are like tasting ancient history, a modern evolution of the best oils produced in Campania 1000 years ago. Farmed organic.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alberto Romano Ortice Riserva 2017
500 ml - $26.89
Medium Fruit
Polyphenol Count: ppm
Free Acidity:
Harvest Date:

100% Ortice olives from 1400 trees averaging 65 years in age. Hand harvested and pressed within hours ensuring low free acidity and high levels of Vitamin A and antioxidants. Green-gold color, balanced and very fresh tasting. A delicious olive oil, one of the best of the year for our selection. See more

Smells and tastes like a fresh bowl of radishes, lettuce and green olives. Flavors of green tomato, green almonds, lettuce and apple follow on the palate. Ortice was considered one of the greatest oils in Roman times. An incredible olive oil, one of our best, highly recommended. It shows very well when served raw over mushroom risotto and broiled halibut.

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Alberto Romano Ortice Riserva 2017 (500 ml) $26.89
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