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Isole e Olena 
Barberino Val d’Elsa, Tuscany   

Paolo De Marchi’s estate is located on the western grade of the Chianti Classico plateau; the trees are privy to limestone soils and a cooler, windy exposure. He has 2,500 trees. 1,500 are 35 years old. The rest are 150+ years old and were regrown from their roots after a severe frost in 1985 decimated a high percentage of Chianti Classcio’s ancient trees. Paolo’s work in the wine world is like no other, his production of Sangoivese is legendary. Cepparello is one of Italy’s greatest wines. However, Paolo speaks of his olive trees with even more passion. He looks to make his oil from green olives so harvest is early in October. Olives are pressed into oil immediately after harvest, in less than two hours. See more

This locks in the delicious green flavors and makes for very fresh oil with no oxidation. His oil is rich, full-bodied and aromatic. Flavors of green artichoke, basil, mint and apple finish with a nice persistent spicy note with black pepper. It is a very complex Tuscan olive oil but balanced. Paolo is a farmer’s farmer, he is very connected with this place, he says “my family and friends are the first ones to have our olive oil, and it is something we continue to have every day, it has to be organic it has to be the best, and quite honestly it may mean more to us in certain ways than our wines”

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Isole e Olena 2017
500 ml - $32.71
Medium plus Fruit
Polyphenol count: 310 ppm
Free Acidity: .15
Harvest and Crush Date: November 8th, 2017

Blend of Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olive varieties. 25 to 100 year-old trees grown at 400 to 450 meters above sea level. Full bodied Tuscan olive oil, flavors of green vegetable, basil and green banana fruit. Full-bodied mouth feel, bitter and spicy notes are moderate. See more

Pour over fresh pasta and grilled steak, or serve with grilled cibatta bread.

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Isole e Olena 2017 (500 ml) $32.71
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