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Arco, Trentino-Alto Adige

Nicola Peroni makes gorgeous olive oil. His approach is like nothing we have ever seen. He reminds you of a scientist in his method and approach, leaving nothing unaccounted for. He’s fearless in his quest to make the highest quality oil in Italy. He grew up in the village of Arco, on the north shore of Lake Garda, which is a breathtakingly beautiful gateway to the Alps. Olive oil production here borders on the insane. It takes an already difficult endeavor and pushes it to extremes. Trees are planted on terraces up the steep valley walls, olive production from the Casaliva tree are tiny in this alpine climate and trees are scattered all around, very few are in one spot. See more

Olive cultivation here is more like gardening. Yet, Casaliva may be one of the greatest treasures for Italian oil production. A distant relative of Frantoio from Umbria and Tuscan, it was transplanted here by Roman soldiers some 2000 plus years ago. It has adapted to the cooler climate and makes a sublime and elegant oil. We spent a full day with Nicola, hiking the olive grove that starts in the old part of town and climbs over 1000 feet straight up through narrow twisting trails. In the olive mill, which is the size of a garage, we saw a level of detail that is inspiring. His oils are elegant but rich at the same time, full of flavor but sublime. The 2015 production is spectacular.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oils
OlioCru BIO Casaliva 2017
500 ml - $37.73
Delicate Fruit
Polyphenol: ppm
Free Acidity:
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100% Casaliva. So delicious you’ll want to drink it. Full of grass, apple, lettuce flavors and so elegant almost creamy. Incredibly fresh and vibrant too. Bitter and spicy notes are very low. Use to finish tomato dishes and fish dishes of all kinds - Tuna, Halibut, Salmon, Sole. See more

OlioCru BIO Casaliva 2017 (500 ml) $37.73
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