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Foligno, Umbria   

The highlight of our 2013 December tour was a day spent with Marco Viola. His enthusiasm and pure joy of making great olive oil is contagious. It was one of those days when you show up in the morning and the next time you look at your watch it’s 6:00 in the evening, the day flew by. After a quick tour of his spotless, lovingly maintained mill we went straight to lunch and enjoyed several local dishes with generous amounts of his freshly made 2013 olive oils. We enjoyed and passed the bottles of oil around the table as much as we enjoyed and passed several bottles of Sagrantino. See more

Lunch was incredible and experiencing the pairings of olive oil to food to wine was truly enlightening, cementing even further our appreciation of real olive oil at the table and conviction that it is as important as fine food and wine. After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon in the olive groves, learning about the Moraiolo varietal, the location and position of the trees, how they are pruned, why the soils are so important and so on. The oils of Viola are truly great works; the clarity of flavor and balance is simply incredible. They are green and rich, yet have a potent side to them that calls out to be paired with other foods, but that is where they shine. These oils are best when consumed raw and poured over great dishes.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Viola Tradizione 2016
500 ml - $22.26
Medium Fruit
Polyphenol count: 395 ppm
Free Acidity:
Harvest and Crush Date: October 15th 2016

A blend of Moraiolo Frantoio and Leccino. What a spectacular olive oil, one of Umbria’s finest. Full bodied with beautiful green gold color. Very compelx aromas of basil, thyme and lettuce. Taste is very green, rich and layered. The flavors are intense but the oil is very balanced. Black pepper and See more

spiciness are strong and grow on the pallet. Use raw to flavor braised meats, grilled steak, faro soup and roasted chicken.

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Viola Tradizione 2016 (500 ml) $22.26
Viola IL Sincero 2016
500 ml - $34.69
Medium Fruit
Polyphenol count: 457 ppm
Free Acidity:
Harvest and Crush Date: October 15th 2016

Current vintage is out of stock. To be notified when the oil arrives, email us at orders@goliveoil.com

Il Sincero is an extra virgin olive oil produced from one cultivar, Moraiolo, a major varietal in the area. Small-sized old plants cultivated following traditional methods on stony hillsides at 400 metres above sea level. The roundish fruit is harvested by hand in October at the start of the ripening process and produces an extra virgin olive oil with a unique intense flavour. See more

Its definite and intense flavour pairs remarkably well with bean soup and chickpea cream with toasted bread; excellent on larded pork fillet and wild salad. Perfect with roasted game, jugged hare and roast pigeon breast with sweet pepper sauce. It is an ideal accompaniment to medium mature cheese and orange or tangerine sorbets.

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Viola IL Sincero 2016 (500 ml) $34.69
Minimum order: three bottles, any combination.
Larger purchases please order in multiple of 3.
Free shipping in Continental US.