Graziano Pra and his work with the wines of Soave are renowned world-wide. A devoted organic farmer whose commitment to working with traditional grape varieties like Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave led to a re-discovery of this historical wine region that lost its way to over commercialization and producers using international varieties to simply sell their wines in foreign markets. Graziano’s follows the same practices with his olive oil production. The Veneto is known as one of Italy’s greatest source of delicate fruit oils produced from varieties like Grginan and Favrol. The hills of Soave are backed up to the Alps and provide a much cooler climate as compared to Puglia and parts of Tuscany. These native varieties adapted to the
continental climate at 450 meters above sea level and produce gorgeous, aromatic oils perfect for finishing pesce crudo, vegetable risotto, broiled fish and roasted vegetables. We are delighted to be the first importer of Pra’s olive oil just released in 2020 for the US market.