Terre Nere

Marco de Grazia is the leading figure on the Etna. His devotion to organic farming and talents as a winemaker lead the renaissance of this noble and historical wine region. Luckily for us Marco’s passion for food equals his passion for wine. He and his team produce an incredible olive oil and honey that co-exist in his vineyards creating a complex environment promoting bio-diversity. The bees pollinate the olive trees and vines. The olive trees support other insects, birds and animals that in turn support the cover crops in the vineyards. This results in a healthy farm that is 100% certified organic. The cuisine of Sicily is immensely varied with vegetables providing most of the plate and a wide array of fish, meats, charcutier, cheese and fruits. Marco’s oil captures the Sicilian ‘taste’ and when poured on dishes delivers a
wonderfully textured, rich, aromatic oil that is very round, almost buttery with ripe fruit and olive flavors. INCREDIBLE, certified organic and bottled unfiltered.