Illasi, Veneto

We first met Sabrina Bonamini in 2013 at a tasting in Rome.
Over 300 wonderful olive oils were in the room but the oil of
the day was their DOP Veneto Valpolicella. It was greatest
delicate fruit oil we’ve ever had! It blew us away and today
it is still our #1 seller and top selection by chefs from New
York to San Francisco. Giancarlo Bonamini and his family
have produced some of the best oils in Italy since 1965. 6,500
trees are planted on terraces and hillsides just north of
Verona where the cooler climate and native varieties,
Grignan and Favarol, produce a sublime olive oil with apple
and banana fruit flavors. The green vegetable flavors are
mild and you can pour Bonamini over ANYTHING but it
excels on seafood risotto, pesce crudo, vegetable pasta,
roasted chicken, salads and lemon gelato.