Real Olive Oil is the “Green Heartbeat” of the kitchen and cooking for family and friends. Some say when you grow up with an olive oil from your home region it becomes a part of you, it’s in your blood. We know it creates a connection with the cuisines and cultures of the Mediterranean like no other food product. The differences in styles and flavors are incredible and it could not be easier to use. Simply finish your dishes with fresh, real olive oil to bring new life, joy and most importantly flavor to your home cooking. Giuliana Direct Olive Oil was created to connect you with some of the world’s great olive oil producing families of Italy, Spain, France and Lebanon.


We’ve visited every farm, tasted each oil every harvest and have met all the families and companies that produce these oils. We guarantee their authenticity and purity. ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING to any address in the lower 48 US, minimum order 3 bottles, can be mixed, description of each oil included.


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