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Delicate - Medium - Intense

The taste and smell of each olive oil varies greatly depending on the type of olives, where they’re grown, when it’s harvested and the milling process. We have this quick guide to help you get started.

Delicate - Generally straw color with green edges, elegant, with a very wide variety of uses. The heat and bitterness in these oils is light and sublime. Light Fruit is great in recipes that require high quality olive oil that integrates with the dish and plays a supporting role on the plate. Light fruit oils are great for daily use and table service. Make no mistake, these oils have a ton of flavor but are more elegant than the other types. We’ve learned that great, light fruit olive oil is the most difficult to find.

Medium - Generally green gold in color. A higher concentration of phenolic compounds with more “green flavors” of grass, artichoke, tomato leaf, basil, mint and so on. The lovely bitterness and heat qualities are more pronounced. When poured over a warm dish the aromatics explode and can make a good bowl of soup, bowl of pasta, or grilled steak, spectacular.

Intense - Color can vary from completely green to green-gold. Flavor intensity is high, the “lovely burn” and bitterness is intense – three cough intense. These oils can be rich (Tuscan) or leaner (Puglia) but the flavor intensity is always potent. If you are one of the many loyal “green lovers”, pour at will. We recommend pairing with strong foods; hearty bean soups, braised pork, grilled steaks. The green intensity is also a delicious counterpoint to soft, fresh, young cheese - like burrata.