Storage Guide

When you receive your extra virgin olive oil, here are some storage tips to keep them fresh.

Avoid Heat – Store your olive oil at room temperature or cooler if possible. Avoid temperature spikes, next to your stove or in a window. The pantry is best or if you have a cooler place like a basement. If you store these oils in the refrigerator they will solidify, it won’t hurt the oil but will make it impossible to pour until it comes close to room temperature again. You can freeze olive oil, but we don’t recommend it.

Avoid Light – Our producers bottle their olive oils in dark glass. This greatly reduces oxidation from light. We recommend keeping the bottle out of the window area and in the pantry if possible.

Time - Olive oil does not improve with age like great Barolo, fresher is always better. Our olive oils have high amounts of polyphenols and will easily last 6 to 12 months in the bottle if stored properly. However, once opened the oxidation process accelerates. We recommend using an opened bottle of oil within 30 days and never more than 60 days after opening. Most of our olive oils are offered in small batch, 500ml bottles, that help with this. Remember POUR IT!