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De Carlo 
Bitritto, Puglia  

The De Carlo family is olive oil; their passion and hard work are inspiring. They own 120 Ha in one of Puglia’s greatest and most historic zones, Terre di Bari. They live in the ancient village of Bitritto that is home to thousands of ancient olive trees planted primarily to Coratina and Ogliarola Barese. The family has produced olive oil since the 1600s but in the 1970s Saverio De Carlo blazed a path to quality that no one else was willing to take. The result of his work is evident in the family’s success as the estate has grown into, hands down, one of the world’s greatest producers of olive oil. In our office we refer to them among ourselves as simply, “the world’s greatest”. See more

The single grove Torre di Mossa is the gold standard for Intense Fruit olive oil from Italy. It is not for the novice oil user, this is a green tour de force full of potent flavor, spice and bitter notes that melts into dishes and offers up huge amounts of aroma, flavor and dimension. The Felice Garibaldi is hard to put into words. It is so good, very complex and full of green herbs, green almond and green vegetable flavors, but more mild than the big brother Torre di Mossa. Today Saverio’s son Francesco is right in step with him in the olive groves and the mill, still working for better and better results. His daughter Marina and wife Grazia passionately market the family business and have cooked us a lunch on both of our visits which features local vegetables, cheese and pasta that is simply unforgettable. These De Carlo olive oils and their family will make you fall in love with Puglia.

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 Extra Virgin Olive Oils
De Carlo Tenuta Torre di Mossa 2017
500 ml - $25.99
Intense Plus Fruit
Polyphenol count: 752 ppm
Free Acidity: .22
Harvest and Crush Date: November 10th, 2017

100% Coratina from the single site Tenuta Torre di Mossa. Age of trees is unknown, but ranges from 120 to over 200 years old. A singular oil that is one of the great jewels in Italian oil production. Deep gold green color, packed with aromas of olive, sage, artichoke and green almonds. See more

The taste is very strong, black pepper and spiciness are very high. Flavors of green lettuce, artichoke and black pepper. ONE OF ITALY’S GREATEST OLIVE OILS!

Great on fresh burrata, pasta with tomatoes and steamed vegetables

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De Carlo Tenuta Torre di Mossa 2017 (500 ml)      $25.99

100% Ogliarola from a special early harvest of top olives. Age of trees is unknown, but ranges from 120 to over 200 years old. So delicious and so green! A very strong oil but has some softer notes than the Torre di Mossa. An incredible olive oil for all uses in the kitchen if you crave the green intensity. See more

Flavors of green olives, apple, lettuce and sage. Black pepper is present but moderate, spiciness is moderate plus. One of our favorite oils of the year.

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De Carlo Felice Garibaldi 2017
500 ml - $25.99
Intense Fruit
Polyphenol count: 699 ppm
Free Acidity: .18
Harvest and Crush Date: October 20th, 2017

De Carlo Felice Garibaldi 2017  (500 ml)  $25.99

De Carlo Il Classico 2017
750ml - $26.80
1L Tin - $27.64
Light Fruit
Polyphenol count: 554 ppm
Free Acidity: .18
Harvest and Crush Date: November 10th, 2017

A blend of Coratina and Ogliarola Barese olive varieties. Consistently one of Italy’s best rated extra virgin olive oils for value. Wonderful “Puglese” flavors but a milder EVOO for daily use. Green-gold color. Olives are stone ground in the classic method and lightly filtered. See more

Uses: Grilled bread, broiled fish, finishing pastas and roasted meats, season fresh tomato salads.

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De Carlo Il Classico 2017  (750 ml)  $26.80
De Carlo Il Classico 2016  (1 L)  $27.64
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